Progress Your Hot Leads From Web To Phone

You’ve spent time and money attracting prospects to your Web Site. How do you get them into a phone conversation with a sales person while they’re online?

Don't put your customers on hold in a queue - UltimateConnect™ now features automatic call back with the QueueBypass™ option.

Introducing UltimateConnect™

Designed, developed and delivered by Ulterius, it combines new phone and web integration technology to give customers the option to instantly connect to your business by phone while they’re online.

UltimateConnect has been developed by Ulterius to provide your customers with a superior telephone service experience.

Best of all, UltimateConnect can be implemented without you needing to spend money on your existing telephone system.

Advanced Features

UltimateConnect™: At a Glance

  • Helps prospects cross the email chasm – web and email is passive, phone is active.
  • Total costs less than online chat.
  • Nine out of ten consumers prefer voice than online chat.
  • Speeds up sales cycle – deliver hot prospects straight to a salesperson’s phone.
  • Improves customer experience and builds brand.
  • Leverage expensive web and online marketing infrastructure to directly drive sales.

How it works

Prospects simply click on a web link strategically placed within your web site which invites them to enter their contact phone number. Within seconds the UltimateConnect system dials their phone and then dials your sales contact number and connects the two together. In effect it acts as an automatic teleconferencing system.

If your lines are busy or offline UltimateConnect automatically arranges to make the connection at another time. The customer simply enters their preferred call-back time (you decide the options that are available) and the system dials their phone at that time and connects them to you.

If you only want to accept calls during business hours then you can program the system to offer the customer alternative times to connect. The system will then automatically initiate a call at that time.


An account set-up fee allows us to assist you in customising the service to maintain your corporate look and feel. From there the pricing is pay-as-you-go. Per lead charges are fixed except for mobile call costs. On average* the per lead cost is around A$1.50. Only successfully answered calls are charged. Limits can be set to contain costs within a pre-determined budget.

*Based on an average call duration of 3 minutes and 30% of callers using a mobile phone.