Australian consumers reward good service.

Source: Accenture 2007 Global Customer Satisfaction Survey

Introducing QueueBypass™

Eighty-six percent of Australian consumers surveyed by Accenture are inclined to continue doing business with a company that provides them with a positive customer service experience. They list long phone hold times amongst their most frustrating customer service experiences.

QueueBypass has been developed by Ulterius to provide your customers with a superior telephone service experience.

When a customer calls you we give them the option of having QueueBypass wait in the customer service queue for them and call them back when we have your representative on the line.

Best of all, QueueBypass can be implemented without you needing to spend money on your telephone system.

QueueBypass™: At a Glance

  • Improves the customer experience by not having them wait in a call queue.
  • Less frustrated customers lower the call service times and speed up the sales cycle.
  • Reduces the quantity of inbound lines for peak times and associated operator costs.
  • Builds brand by improving your customer service differentiation.
  • Cost effective-pay as you go with no purchase of PABX hardware or software required.


How it works

To add QueueBypass™, you simply direct your existing customer service line to a telephone number provided by Ulterius. When your customer calls, QueueBypass contacts your customer service line, if we cannot immediately connect with your representative we offer your customer the choice of having QueueBypass hold on their behalf and call them back when a representative is available.

The moment we have your representative on the line our system places a call back to your customer and connects the two together. In effect it acts as an automatic teleconferencing system.

If you only want to accept calls during business hours then you can program the system to offer the customer alternative times to connect. The system will then automatically initiate a call at that time.