Mach 1 is the flagship product for Ulterius. Mach-1 was developed with flexibility as the key design criteria. With flexibility come the ability to provide exceptionally cost effective tailored solutions. The core of Mach-1 is the commercial open source product - Asterisk. The extraordinary flexibility of Mach-1 is due in part to the use of MySQL to store and manipulate configuration information used by Asterisk. In this way, call processing can be changed dynamically and allows for the integration of information from other ICT systems.

As a PABX replacement solution, Mach-1 from Ulterius delivers:

The Mach-1 Call processor from Ulterius offers a range of inbuilt, customisable features. All of the features are available in the basic product however there may be additional configuration work required to setup up the feature for a given installation.

Call Recording

Call recording is configurable on any or all extensions either on demand (toggle on/off) or permanently active. The recordings can be stored on a local fileserver for easy retrieval or inserted directly into your Customer Relationship Management database. Take the purchase order then and there by recording and filing a verbal contract with your customer.


Many desktop applications now have facilities to initiate dialling directly from within your contacts database. The Mach-1 PABX supports a number of standard interfaces including TAPI as used by Outlook and many CRM solutions.

Auto-Attendant (IVR)

This is the facility that lets callers “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support” and so on. Mach 1’s auto-attendant allows for powerful interactive menus to efficiently route your callers to the best available person to deal with their call.

Unlimited Extensions

Each extension can be customized differently - with options such as Personal inbound number (DID), Outbound Caller ID, Privacy settings, Spell-by-name directory and Voicemail settings.

Conference Bridge

Mach 1 comes configured with multiple conference bridges, supporting an virtually unlimited number of internal participants and as many external participants as you have phone lines.


Mach 1 voicemail storage is limited only by the amount of disk allocated and comes with several easy ways to retrieve messages: One-touch from your office phone, dial in from any phone, or emailed to you as .wav files.

Voicemail to Email

Receive your voicemails as emails! Mach 1 comes pre-configured to send each employee an email notifying them of a new voicemail messages. The actual voicemail can be attached (as a .wav) to the email.

Hot Desk

Have more employees than you do desks and phones? Use Mach 1’s ”hot desk” feature. Your employees can have their extension and voicemails following them from desk to desk by entering a simple code into their phone.


Music on hold is as simple as uploading an MP3 file. Callers will hear your favorite tune, or your company's marketing messages while on hold. Mach 1 supports multiple audio channels, giving you the ability to play different audio to different classes of callers.


Want to play different messages to callers at different times of the day? Or perhaps you want an entirely different Call Menu on weekends, with different options for your callers to choose from. Use Mach 1’s scheduler to apply schedules that will make your phone system work for you - even when you have gone home for the day.

Paging / Intercom

Mach 1 flexible options allow system-wide paging and single phone intercom.

Analog & IP Phones

Mach 1 is the flexible, open phone system, and supports all analogue phones and IP phones from certified vendors including Grandstream, Cisco, Linksys, Polycom and Snom. Open standards means no more vendor lock-in.

Call Forwarding

Users can enable call forwarding to either an internal extension or to an external number. Call forwarding can occur immediately, on busy, or on no-answer. Selected handsets can support one-touch ‘divert to mobile’.

Name Directory

Mach 1 comes pre-configured with an automated “spell-by-last-name” directory. Callers are prompted to spell the first three letters of the party’s last name; and then are automatically connected to the requested extension. Don’t want to be in the Name Directory? No problem. The Mach 1 administrator may easily exclude certain extensions from the Name Directory.

Custom Caller-IDs

Mach 1 lets you customize the inbound Caller-ID name/number to each department and let’s you change your outbound Caller-ID on a per-extension basis - allowing you to block, reveal, or change the Caller-ID of every extension in your office! Note: Caller-ID to the PSTN is dependent on support of this feature by your service provider.


Have more employees than you do phone numbers? You can assign an inbound phone number to an employee, or have an employee without a direct inbound number.


Mach 1 comes VoIP ready -- you can connect Mach 1 to your preferred VoIP Service Provider (SIP or IAX). Not ready to make the VoIP plunge yet? With Mach 1, you can keep regular calls going out over POTS / PSTN and just use VoIP for inter-office or intra-office basis. This includes telecommuters! Switching to VoIP brings other benefits, such as: having more inbound than outbound lines (or vice-versa), ordering virtual numbers from other area-codes, and more!

PSTN Fallback

Mach 1 allows VoIP-users a PSTN back-up in case of Internet service interruption. If your internet service goes down (there is no 100% guaranteed up-time), your business telephone line goes down with it - which is unacceptable. PSTN fallback avoids this problem, automatically. If Mach 1 cannot make an outbound connection, it immediately steps your system into PSTN mode. Seamless - just the way you need it to be! Mach 1 also runs in PSTN-only mode if desired. This means that you can use Mach 1 without any external VoIP provider!


Telecommuting is the wave of the future - proven to increase employee satisfaction and their effectiveness. You’ll be glad to know that Mach 1 was built with telecommuting in mind! Employees can travel outside the office, or between offices, with an IP phone (or softphone) and keep their same extension number. Answer your extension from home or the hotel

Voicemail Groups

Want to send a voice message to multiple people? Use our Voicemail Group feature to easily build groups of people (such as your sales team). Then just dial the number of your group, as you normally would an extension, and leave a message. Seconds later everyone in the group gets your new message.

Call queuing

A.C.D. (Automatic Call Distribution) allows you to route incoming calls to your Users/Agents in many different ways to facilitate your business needs:

· Ring one person at a time in order

· Ring who has the fewest calls

· Ring a random person