July 01, 2008 09:00AM

QueueBypass now available as an option on UltimateConnect

QueueBypass calls the customer back when an operator becomes available. This feature can now be added to the UltimateConnect web click to call service.

QueueBypass was originally developed as a customer friendly frontend to an otherwise unfriendly "please wait for a consultant to become available" call centre greeting. It offers an inexpensive solution to one of the most common customer service compaints - waiting on the phone.

The existing call centre infrastructure is unchanged, calls are simply routed through Ulterius switches where the customer is offered a call back option if an operator is not immediately available. This service can now be added to the UltimateConnect click to call service.

The customer has done the web research and wants to speak to someone as part of the purchase cycle - now. QueueBypass makes sure that when they receive the automatic call back - someone is ready to sell them. Happy customers = higher sales rates = repeat business. Simple.